Child Protection or Child Abuse?

The most heroic action a person can take is to save a child. There is an instinct in all human beings, and even in animals, to protect children. Child Protection Systems have the task of protecting children, but despite the best intentions of trained professionals, there is hardly a single system in the world that could be said to be working well. The reasons for the failures are many and complex.

In my book “Secret Courts, Child Protection or Child Abuse”, I go into great depth on the working of these systems, what’s going on in the heads of the people involved, and why the system isn’t working. In a book, the writer has the latitude to lead the reader through all aspects of the story so they see the connections and come to conclusions. While nobody can convince a closed mind or someone subjected to deep conditioning that their beliefs are not as they seem, they can at least plant a seed of doubt. I have often said that if I am 1% correct about Child Protection, then we have a very serious problem.

One of the limitations of a book is that it doesn’t allow for debate. Also, by the time a book is written a published, it is already out of date. Things are constantly changing and new developments happen all the time. The purpose of this blog page is to encourage debate, and there will be discourse. As new stories develop we will try to keep you up to date, don’t hesitate to express your opinion or keep us informed of news. There are no stupid question or no opinion not worthy of expressing.

Thank you for purchasing the book. I have no intention of making any money from the book, any profit will be spent on promotion and sending copies to people who have the power to change the dysfunctional Child Protection System. Please help us to educate people by getting as many people to read the book as possible. Share with your friends on social media, donate a copy to your local library and subscribe to this page. Children are dying and being abused by a system intended to protect them. We must work together to change the system, the most heroic action a person can take is to save a child, children are depending on you.

Joe Burns


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