Is it wrong for a Social Worker to lie in court to take children away?

Some people wont believe that this question was actually asked in the Appellate Court in Orange County, California, USA , but as you can see on the video it was. And this has actually happened before in Scotland.

The question also asks if Social Workers are above the Law. Does being a hero and “protecting” the child (from their parents), trump everything else? A lot of Social Workers believe that they are heroes and many have been caught out in their lies. If you read through cases where Fitness-to-Practice-Committees of their Registration Bodies reprimanded or struck-off Social Workers, you see a mindset that many, but not all have. In some cases you see incompetence by otherwise good people, but they cross a line when try to cover up their mistakes.

Immunity from Prosecution

In many countries or states, there are laws to protect people reporting the abuse or neglect of a child, this is called “Protected Immunity” (from prosecution). In many countries there are also laws which mandate that any suspicion of abuse or neglect be reported to authorities, this is called “Mandatory Reporting“.  In some countries or states the laws even protect people who make malicious reports, in others not.

In my own experience in court, I have seen many times where witnesses for the prosecution, in this case, the Child Protection Agencies, have been caught red-handed lying in court, and suffered no punishment for perjury. In some countries, as the cases are held “In Camera”, it would not be possible to report Perjury or Perverting the Course of Justice without the Judges permission, which is almost never granted.

The bottom line is that Yes, Social Workers can lie in Secret Courts. They wouldn’t get away with this in an open court. As the victims of Perjury in the lower courts are prevented from “going public” or saying “anything to anyone” of what occurred in the court, it is virtually impossible for a parent to prosecute or sue anyone who lied in a Secret Court. While Child Protection Lawyers would certainly be allowed to ask this question in the Appeals Court, a parent could not, even if they could afford to progress their case to this level.  In essence, a parent of a child is not allowed to lie, or to prosecute others who lie about them. The bottom line for the child who has been unjustly removed is that they will likely suffer as a result of their incarceration,

I wrote about this in a chapter of my book entitled; “The Seance”, about how Social Workers channel the spirits of “What-ifs” and “Possibles” and “Maybes”. In Secret Courts you cant get Justice, in Open Courts you wouldn’t have people lying because they could be prosecuted for Perjury, and face a Fitness-to-Practice Committee. Does the law protect children or is it set up to protect liars?



2 thoughts on “Is it wrong for a Social Worker to lie in court to take children away?

  1. Here is the full 40 minute Supreme Court hearing. Lawyers may also find some very interesting case law which will help parents in these cases. As long as liars are allowed in court, the injustice will continue. We must actively prosecute liars who abuse children.

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