Missing, Presumed Dead…

I’m reading a story today about how in Kansas, USA, 70 kids are missing from Foster “Care”. I have written about this phenomena in my book about how in Ireland, 500 went “missing” in a decade and many were later traced to brothels around the world.

This topic makes interesting study for the Amateur Sleuths among us and of course the Conspiracy Theorists. Many of these children are “Orphans”, having been successfully alienated from their parents and family. They could “disappear” and the only trace would be a long forgotten “Unsolved Missing Person File” gathering dust in a government office.

The Sleuths would come to the conclusion that these children were trafficked into slavery or prostitution by organised crime gangs. If you look at the case in Ireland of the 500 children in a decade, USA authorities (CIA and State Department), they concluded that Ireland made a perfect hub to traffic children into until these children were sold into slavery and prostitution. The incompetence in Irish Social Services gave traffickers was a perfect base  to “store” these children and the Irish Authorities would be complicit because they would cover up the story and nobody would be the wiser. Enter Wikileaks…..

Wikileaks released thousands of pages of “Diplomatic Cables” of correspondence between the Child and Family Agency, the Gardai (Irish Police), the American Embassy in Dublin and the CIA. It is interesting to note that the government knew all about these “missing” children, but didn’t feel it was in the Public Interest to let us know that Irish State “Care” was being used in this way. It is also interesting to note that the 100 or so Irish Children’s NGO’s didn’t break this story, nor did a single Social Worker out of the 4,500 who work in Child “Protection”. In fact, none of the 10,000 people who work in the Irish “Child Abuse Industry” decided to  blow the whistle on even one of the 500 children who went “missing”.

The Conspiracy Theorists of course came up with more entertaining theories. We heard of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Government Paedophile Rings, and traffickers working for the Child and Family Agency. A few years ago a rumour was spread that my colleagues and I were running a child trafficking operation in Ireland. When the word was spread, my “friends” on FaceBook disappeared overnight which was no great loss. Unfortunately the lies about a colleague had a devastating effect on his family. He ended up being assaulted, his child was bullied at school and the conspiracy theorist who fabricated a fantastic tale actually named the child, and his home and school address. This person is now facing prison and I wont say any more until after he is jailed.

This is why I abhor Conspiracy Theory, innocent people are wrongly accused and harmed as a result. There is no difference between conspiracy theorist social workers who fabricate evidence to remove children and the mentally ill conspiracy theorists who destroy other people to make themselves look good. Anyone who takes a leap of faith and concocts outrageous lies about others deserve to be jailed. When people concoct these stories about “missing” children, they are leaving the door open to more children being abused. If we can explain away “missing” children with fantastic stories of Cabals, Secret Societies and Government Paedophile Rings, nobody will search for the truth. While no evidence of these fantastic stories has ever been proven, what has been proven many times over is that there is a Child Trafficking Industry, and it is clearly ran by Organised Crime Gangs.

Again I have to ask the question; “Shouldn’t Care be safer for Children?”

In the United Kingdom in recent years, we have also seen Child Prostitution, primarily with girls in “Care”. While many of the gangs that were convicted of this were “Muslim”, there have also been many cases of pimps grooming children in “Care”, presumably because they are an easy target. At one point in the U.K. there were 72 Police investigation and there have been many convictions. In one case alone, there were 1,200 girl victims, the youngest being 9 years old. Again, there were coverups and Police and Social Services were very slow to act for fear of offending the Muslim Community. What was interesting was that they chose to label these Child Traffickers as “Muslim”, they could have chosen many other terms. What people focused on was the religion of these vile gangs, and simply forgot that these children were in State “Care”.

I always use the word “Care” advisedly, now you have another example of why “Care” does not benefit children. When the State steps in and tells a parent that the State will now look after the child, there should be an absolute expectation that the child will be safer than had they been left with the parent. The problems we see in Kentucky are no different to London, Dublin, Rome or Amsterdam. All of the problems we see are universal and this is why parents all over the world need to work together against this system. Best Interests doesn’t love any child, parents love their children. Sometimes parents fail in their duties and need help, what they are given instead is punishment. Social  workers and their departments are incentivised to remove children rather than help families.

As long as children are in “Care” and alienated from parents, awful things will happen to them. We need to work together to stop this, the Children’s NGO’s posing as “Charities”, the many “Professionals” working in the Child Abuse Industry and the many criminals who benefit from “easy targets” in “Care” will do nothing to stop the abuse of “Cared For” children, it is up to us to speak out and help them.

You can read the stories here and follow the links. 

Update: I read another interesting piece in Newsweek on how the government (s) have created a method of trafficking children called State “Care”. 




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