Hate the Conspiracy, but love the Theorist

I abhor Conspiracy Theory, but I pride myself on keeping an open mind on everything. I have always been fascinated by how people can take unrelated events and link them together and form a complex theory. Usually in these theories you are required to take a leap of faith at some point as the theorist did. Often the theorist didn’t think too much about this “act of faith” required, because it already fit into the narrative of their story or the conclusion they already arrived at.

I abhor conspiracy because I have spent much of my life solving simple and complex problems working in the Engineering field. I still work as a Mechanic/Technician/Engineer because I enjoy problem solving. Over the years I have studied Problem Solving Techniques and arrived at my own methodology. You have to take a very systematic approach and follow the steps. Usually the chronological history yields the clues. I have come up with a “Law” of my own which is fairly simple;

“The reason you cant solve the problem is because you don’t have enough information”.

Many people cant solve problems because they rush to a solution too early in the process. Einstein gave us a definition of “Insanity”; “to repeat the experiment over and over and expect different results every time”. If you’ve rebooted the computer once already and it didn’t work the first time, it’s not going to work the second time. It’s understandable how people repeat these mistakes, because they are not trained in Problem Solving. You can spot these amateurs easily, they get very frustrated and act out of blind faith.

I understand why Conspiracy Theory exists, I also understand why Religion exists. I am an Atheist but I will strongly defend anyone’s right to believe anything they want as long as nobody gets hurt. The problem with conspiracy is that people do get hurt. Many lives are destroyed by false allegations. My colleagues and I were accused by a legendary conspiracy theorist in Ireland, his thesis was that anyone working to help families against Social Services was actually a “State Plant” or “Insider” or “Informer”. The pinnacle of his “career” was when he named a child, his address and his school. The child was bullied to such an extent that he was assaulted and had to change schools. This was when we took action and that person is now facing prison. I may write a book on it someday, a tale of intrigue and heroism, but other than those who suffered from his abuse, 100% fiction.

Many celebrities have been falsely accused of sexual abuse over the years. Prominent people are easy targets and can have their lives and careers ruined even when they are innocent. Politicians are often targeted and in many countries there are stories of secret cabals, paedophile rings in government and Freemasons and secret societies. The Jewish Faith are often wrongly implicated.

The bottom line on these theories is that no evidence has ever been presented. That fact doesn’t seem to matter to the conspiracy theorists, they can explain away question or problem with their theories because their faith will not allow them to believe otherwise. When you point out facts to them they will still not be convinced. I put this down to 2 things, they are closed minded, and their “Religion” and “Faith” will not allow them to “believe” otherwise.

The reason I am talking about this topic, is that I regularly see conspiracy theory in Child Protection. I have seen social workers so convinced of abuse that even Judges cant get them to follow court orders. I wrote in another blog about how social workers asked the Supreme Court in California if it’s ok to lie in court to protect a child. But let me stress that conspiracy theorists are not stupid or evil people, I have said many times that “the most heroic act a human being can undertake is to save a child”.  Once someone steps into “Hero Mode”, they are not going to be convinced by facts and evidence. They get a rush of endorphins which makes them feel good, and they confuse this with the belief that they are doing the right thing.

You cant convince a conspiracy theorist that they are wrong. Nobody likes to hear that they made errors in calculations but human beings do make mistakes. The difference between the Scientific, or “Evidence Based” approach is that Science doesn’t require people to believe a theory. Science exists independent of the Scientist. A scientific theory doesn’t care what you believe or think, it just exists. A real Scientist would never call someone a “Denier”, they would encourage debate and peer-review.

I wrote a response in to the British Medical Journal which was published on their website. I was the only “layman” to have a say on the topic. I wrote about how Medicine has degenerated into a Religion, based on Faith and Belief, and I received a flood of positive responses from many professionals. Science itself has degenerated into a Religion, on many topics you will be branded a “Denier” if you don’t agree with the “Consensus”. My issue with accepting dogma probably has a great deal to do with the fact that try as I may, I cannot believe that there is an “Invisible Man in the Sky” controlling everything. I respect the views of religious people and I’m sorry to say that I have not been gifted with “Faith” as they have.

Anytime you hear people labelling other “Deniers” or “Conspiracy Theorists”, you are hearing from people who are Anti-Science. In Science, there are no stupid questions or deniers, and no conspiracy theorists. Science encourages debate and everything remains a theory until proven otherwise. Real scientists don’t label others (with the possible exception of Social Scientists). In Scientific Peer-Review, a theory is either bolstered or invalidated by constant attack and questions. A real Scientist, or a real Conspiracy Theorist, would never label anyone, they encourage debate. Science is not about “Consensus”, if it were, the Earth would still be flat and we would not have Satellite TV, or sent people into Outer Space. It’s important that we listen to everyone and stop labelling people Conspiracy Theorists or “Deniers”. People are entitled to ask questions and the advancement of Science and the evolution of the Human Race depends on it.

This is not to say that Conspiracy Theorists don’t exist, I spoke earlier about a criminal who was so obsessed with being a hero in his own mind that he recklessly endangered a child in his quest to harm an innocent father and his family and colleagues. Everyone has the right to an opinion but nobody has the right to harm a child, or to tell lies or libel, defame or slander others. A common thread about these people is that they make their case very personal about a person rather than an act. While I’m not a fan of Jimmy Saville, it’s only fair to say that he was never convicted of any crime. He may have been guilty of many crimes, but the time to raise these issues was while he was still alive and could be held accountable in court before a jury of his peers. A dead man is a very easy target.

In my work helping people I have often taken on cases of Medical Misdiagnosis. As a former Paramedic I understand Medicine fairly well. In the cases I take, I work backwards and have the luxury of researching anything I don’t understand. Doctors often have to act in emergencies and have to resort to educated guesses to save lives, mistakes under these circumstances are acceptable, we all make mistakes. The problem often arises when people make mistakes and are unwilling to admit making the mistake, or attempt to cover it up and blame others. Most corruption is linked to incompetence. Not even incompetence in some cases, people made genuine mistakes, but their real error was in not admitting the mistake, or worse yet, to deflect blame onto others. This is why we must always keep an open mind on everything, nobody can get away with telling lies forever.

I’ve already covered these topics in the book in great detail, but in the blog here I’m giving people the opportunity to engage in debate and maybe we both can learn from our discussion.

Topics I will blog about later include conspiracy theories such as;

  • The myth of the Paedophile
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • Fractured or Recovered Memory Syndrome
  • Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy
  • Do Children’s “Charities” benefit children
  • And a whole host of other myths

My advice to people is to debate people by debating topics, never attack the person or make it personal. Listen to everyone’s opinion, even when they attack you personally, continue debating. You are not going to change a closed mind, but others viewing may not have as fixed views and you may change their minds. Yes, there are real Conspiracy Theorists and some of them are a danger to others. It’s best not to engage with dangerous people, you will become their next target. They are heroes in their own mind and have no issue with using slander, libel and defamation as a weapon against you. Once you are labelled there is no coming back, other idiots would rather believe lies than face the truth.

“Speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant, they too have their story”. This is a rule we can all live with, I’m sure if many of us were true conspiracy theorists, we would still be stuck in the Middle Ages, as many societies still are today. Take everything you see, read or hear with a grain of salt, a little investigation and fact-checking can save you time and embarrassment. It’s ok to be embarrassed, it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you hold up your hand and admit it. It’s not ok to cover up mistakes, people get hurt by lies and liars will always be found out.

No folks, the Jews are not running the world, a little fact checking will show you that Jews are less than 0.03% of the world population. Yes, Jews started banks, and Hollywood, and many Media organizations. Yes, Jews are a very exceptional race and can be credited with many scientific and medical advances, but to think that Jews are a race of super-human beings is ridiculous. Their culture and ethics have advanced the world far beyond any other group, race or religion, but there are no secret cabals or agendas. No, the State of Israel was not taken from Arabs, the Palestinian State of Jordan was created a year before the State of Israel. More Jews were dispossessed of land than Arabs in the division of the British Mandate, 77% of which went to Arabs. It’s amazing how much misinformation exists on this topic, and I raise it as an example of how people are fooled by propaganda.

No, Satanic Ritual Abuse doesn’t exist, at least it never existed before 1980 when a book entitled “Michelle Remembers” was published. There is nothing in recorded history anywhere to prove SRA or Fractured or Recovered Memory Syndrome existed before this book was published. But many people still believe it. During the Moral Panics that these books created in the 1980’s, Social Workers and Psychologists were pushing their “child abuse is at epidemic proportions” agenda and many people were suckered into believing it. Even though every Police Force in the world has desperately sought evidence of SRA, not one single scrap of evidence has ever been found, ever. SRA started the McMartin Preschool Trial in the USA, the longest, most expensive trial ever, but it resulted in no convictions.

There have been many Witch Hunts over the centuries where people set themselves up as heroes and strung together fantastic tales to condemn others. Even the Salem Witch Trials began as a Child Protection issue. But we must remember that the citizens of Salem were good, God-fearing people who could only explain the delusions they saw in terms of their religion. Their faith in the Devil was as strong as their faith in God. This is why Consensus, and turning Science into a Religion based on Faith is highly dangerous. The citizens of Salem were suffering from a substance like LSD which formed on their crops and when they saw a woman sweeping her porch with a broom, these people, who didn’t drink alcohol and didn’t use psychotropic drugs, and had no experience of this, saw women flying through the air propelled by broomsticks. As a result they could only explain this as a result of the Devil, who in their minds was a real as God.

So you see there are patterns with Conspiracy Theorists. When we set ourself up as heroes saving children or families, or people in general we believe to be vulnerable, we are fulfilling an instinct in all of us to protect others. Many will get a release of endorphins and its not hard to understand why otherwise good people set themselves up as “Paedophile Hunters” and create crime by enticing and entrapping men who have a perverted interest in having sex with children, by fooling them into believing that they are meeting a child to have sex. They are essentially creating the crime which might not have otherwise happened. Many people say it is wrong for Police to entrap people, but the same people would have no issue with unqualified and untrained people taking the law into their own hands if the end result is catching a “paedophile”. I am no apologist for child abusers, but what makes these Paedophile Hunters any different from the Witch Hunters of Salem who killed innocent people? Throughout history, Vigilantes, or people masquerading as such, have done horrendous damage to others. I don’t understand the arrogance of people who set themselves above the Law, whether they are Social Workers or ordinary citizens. Most Policemen/women would give their lives and their careers to expose a “Cabal” and it’s idiotic to think that every single police force in the world is part of a big conspiracy.

The problem with conspiracy is that it often requires large groups of people to cover up a massive secret that the public can never know about. I don’t believe that such a group exists anywhere on this planet, who carried off a massive event. I don’t believe it because humans make mistakes, humans have a conscience and we never see death-bed confessions of participants.  You would have to believe that every single Policeman/woman on the planet is corrupt which is extremely unlikely. I don’t believe it because I don’t believe that humans are competent enough to carry out such a plan.

What annoys me is the fact that there are many children being harmed in documented cases, but few people are doing anything about it. Why bother with fictional, unproven theories when there are so many actual cases that we should be doing something about? We know, or at least should know that “Care” is a dangerous place for children. Why aren’t these vigilantes doing something about the children who are being “groomed” in “Care”, or have an interest in them when they are dumped on the streets at age 18 when the State no longer “cares” about them? Would you dump your child on the streets at age 18? Would you alienate your child from the rest of their family and not allow them to have a relationship with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents? When you pass a homeless youth on the street, ask them if they were in “Care”, I’ll bet in most cases they were. As long as we stray away from Science and resort to turning everything into a Religion based on faith and consensus, we will still have conspiracy theorists. No, there is no great secret conspiracy, there are only humans making mistakes and creating corruption by attempting to cover it up. The Truth is less interesting than Fiction.


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