Babysitter Wanted. $10,000 per week, per child. Apply Within.

How much do Nannies get paid working for billionaires? I would imagine that highly skilled Nannies would be highly paid. The cream tends to rise to the top in any profession and remuneration is often commensurate with experience and capability.

A few years ago in Ireland, with budget cuts, the standard rate for Residential “Care” was dropped from 8,000 Euro to 5,000 Euro. There are a few exceptions, but let’s just concentrate on 5,000/month/child. I wrote in the book that for 5K/month, I could send the child to prestigious schools normally attended by the rich and famous, I could send them to Oxford, Harvard or MIT to get a Doctorate degree, and still have enough money left to buy them a house, car and pay for their wedding, even though the payments stopped at age 18. Of course I am exaggerating and mocking Residential “Care”, but do billionaires spend that much on their children?

When you consider that many children are raised in “father absent homes”, with or without Child Maintenance being paid, that many of these children will go on to higher education and secure high-paying jobs. Contrast that with “Care” Alumni , especially Residential “Care”, and you’ll see that “Care” ends on their 18th Birthday. The euphemism social workers use is “Emancipation” or “Ageing-out of care”, a sanitised term for “dumping children on the streets”. Would you dump your 18 year old? Would any politician or judge who placed a child in “Care” leave an 18 year old to fend for themselves without family support?

Naturally, there will be some children who have been horribly abused, in home or in “care”, who will need intensive care. We know, or at least should know, that according to crime statistics, that such cases requiring intensive measures are few and far between. But bear in mind the care might need to be given from 0 to 18 and beyond in exceptional cases.

In Ireland when the budget cuts hit, one operator threatened to cut 220 jobs, because apparently for 4,800/week, you get little better than a babysitting service. I have the excerpt from the article below;

“Last year, the company was paid €9.6 million by the HSE. Dr Gargan said the cost depended on the level of intervention required and that one-on-one care (one staff member per child), at a cost of €4,800, was little more than “a babysitting service”.”

The full article can be found here;

It would appear from putting 2 + 2 together, I may be wrong, but they found a way out of this impasse; paying for empty beds;

Which begs the question, where are these empty beds when judges are looking to place a child?

We have seen a trend in many countries where companies who provide prisons and security services to governments, are now turning their attention to “Care” for children. Relatively small operators cant make a profit at 5K, but big operators want to get in on the action? I don’t have the figures for all jurisdictions for Foster “Care” versus Residential “Care”, but in Ireland each year we spend 100 million a year of Foster and another 100 million on Residential. About 90% of children are in Foster, and 10% in Residential “Care”. If you think about it, the government takes children away and then “Outsources” the job to the Private Sector. If you look at Foster “Care”, much of it is a “Cottage Industry”, and it’s tax-free money. I lived close to a house where 4 children were in “Care”. The children were her sisters who was apparently not capable of raising them. I haven’t touched on Kinship Care in my blogs yet, but I suggested in the book that it should be the first option to be considered.

So there you have it folks, 5 grand a week per child. You or I could work miracles with that money, but all the taxpayer can expect is a babysitting service. Residential “Care” doesn’t produce high achievers, they are often given troubled children who were moved on from foster home to foster home. It wouldn’t be unusual for these children to have had 10, 20 or 30 different social workers from birth to 18. Many children in Foster “Care” will remain after 18, none will remain in Residential “Care” except disabled or other exceptional case.

The problems for these children when they are “out on their own“, sorry, “Emancipated”, they are unable to fend for themselves. They end up homeless, jobless, on drugs  in prison, crisis pregnancy and otherwise have poor outcomes. I don’t wish for a minute mean to describe these children as criminals or “damaged”, or less than any other 18 year old. There are many success stories of the few that succeeded, but for the majority, life is tough when you don’t have support. The next time you see a homeless youth on the street begging, just ask them if they were in “Care”.

The odds are stacked so far against these kids, that for them to achieve what kids living at home with their parents would be miraculous in some cases. I have met many of these children and always urged them to get in touch with their families. Many of them cant get past why their parents didn’t rescue them. Even adults resort to this juvenile thinking, they fixed an image in their minds that their parents should have fought harder or didn’t want them. Few of them know what their parents suffered and were left broken and battered by the process themselves. Often these kids have crisis pregnancies and learn fairly fast that social workers see “Care” as so damaging to children, that they are 66 times more likely to have their child removed and placed in “Care”. It’s a self-perpetuating system. One judge referred to it as; “inter-generational recidivism”.

The cycle repeats itself and continues for generation after generation. Which presumably wasn’t the objective of the exercise in the first instance, especially when you consider the cost of Residential “Care”. We are paying millions over the lifetime of these children to systematically damage them. I was reading yesterday how poverty is increasingly becoming a reason to remove children from parents. This is absolute insanity. For the sake of a few hundred or a few thousand, we end up paying millions, for a babysitting service at best.

I could go on and on and have covered it sufficiently in the book. I hope you get the idea. I keep coming back to the same point. Incompetence is the number one issue we face in many aspects of our lives, especially dealing with government. This incompetence turns to corruption when they try to cover it up. The insanity that Einstein spoke about, repeating the experiment over and over and expecting different results every time is insane. Paying outrageous sums of money to systematically damage children is insane. Taking children away for poverty or minor infractions is insanity if it costs us more money and causes more harm.

I hope in these blogs that people are learning something new about the system and I hope that they are passing on this information to educate others. I have always said that I encourage people to change my mind on any subject and I’m always open to debate. I don’t want to “preach to the converted” here, many of you are victims of the system in one way or another, but I want to educate people who have the power to change the system. Your help in sharing this blog, in buying the book, in sharing the information or getting you friends and family to read the book, is all that is needed to change this awful system. We can change it one person at a time. It starts with you sharing, Thanks for all your support.



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