First, Do No Harm.

I wouldn’t have  believed a baby could suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), had I not witnessed it myself. We know of infant brains that all children will experience Childhood Amnesia as a normal part of development. Babies brain are still growing and forming and their memories tend to be short term. If you don’t see a baby for a few months, they will likely forget who you are. I have known toddlers and spent many hours and weeks with them, but then they have completely forgotten me a few years later.

A baby aged 6 months who was being exclusively breast-fed, was kidnapped for 8 months by social workers. The “kidnapping” was the term the judge used in the case, not just an opinion. At Contact, like most children, he desperately wanted to see his parents and obviously knew who they were. At the end of Contact the baby, and his sibling, would cry uncontrollably for hours afterwards. When a judge ordered the family to be immediately reunited, the family spent their first few weeks together sleeping in the same bed. The children would become alarmed if one family member let the room. This is not at all uncommon in these cases.

A few months after the children came home, I stayed in the parents home, I was there almost 24/7. The baby was then 18 months old. The baby would wake up screaming in terror from naps or in the middle of the night. He would only be consoled by the arms of his mother and needed to have his father in sight. It wasn’t until he was nearly 3 that he could verbalise his terror. He woke up screaming and crying uncontrollable, he was just starting to use words at this point. When asked what he saw during his nightmares, he said; “2 Mommies” and explained that only 1 Mommy had “boobies”. His nightmares, according to the Child Psychologist, was that he was afraid that he would be taken away from his family.

Children in “Care” suffer from PTSD at twice the rate of troops returning from war zones, and at a level 4 times more severe. I know the foster carer who looked after this baby. She is a very nice lady and did her best to take care of him. She said he had nightmares while in “Care” also. Unfortunately, the baby was not weaned from the breast, and when he came home at 14 months, all his milk-teeth were rotten to such an extent that he required special dental care. This type of tooth decay according to dentists, is a result of being fed juice or sugar which rots the teeth. It seems clear the baby needed to be “drugged” with sugar to console him. He was lucky in a way because many babies and children in “Care” are given Psychotropic drugs, sometimes at adult doses or combinations of drugs that have never been tested in animals, never mind human babies. If you ask children in “care” what they want, 99.999% will tell you they want to go home. The solution that doctors take is to pull out the prescription pad and put them on ever-increasing doses and dangerous combinations.

Is it any wonder then that children when they leave “care” are more likely to be addicted to drugs, prescription or otherwise?

I’ve always found that doctors are more likely to be on the lookout for child abuse and neglect, and the majority will go above and beyond to help social workers take children away. In a few cases I have caught doctors out and threatened with reporting them to Medical Boards for practising beyond their level of training and ability. In the case of this baby, a general practitioner (GP) testified that bruises on his brother were, and could only be, the result of abuse. His testimony quickly fell apart. I also find that when I send parents to doctors offices to get medical records, they don’t want to hand them over or do everything in their power to delay. It seem to me that doctors have no issue harming children and will lie and exaggerate because they feel they are helping. I’m proud to say that I have helped many parents get their medical records and have assisted many parents in reporting them to Medical Boards. GP’s are not trained in Forensic Medicine, they are not allowed to offer a medical diagnosis or opinion in areas where they have no specific training and experience. And yet, GP’s and  Pediatricians regularly offer opinions in court which go unchallenged.

To some extent, if these children didn’t get their “Fix” from doctors, they would find other ways of dealing with their pain. Alcohol, illicit drugs, sex or other unhealthy pursuits will be sought to fill the void and ease their pain. For many, suicide is seen as an option, the suicide rate for children in “Care” is 10 times the national average. During the Vietnam War, many troops relied on drugs and there was a great concern that these troops returning from war would help create a massive drug problem. In reality, many stopped using drugs once they were removed from the battlefield. Most Addictions Counsellors and Therapists believe that the key to solving substance abuse and other addictions, is to heal the source of the pain, and then the need to use “pain relievers” disappears. Unfortunately this does not work for “Care” Alumni.

The damage done by removing a child from their family, for some children, is so devastating that we have no way of measuring it, never mind treating it. Studies of Adoption should clearly show that you can not take children from “A” and place them with “B” with no consequences. In her ground-breaking work, Nancy Verrier termed the “Primal Wound” which describes the empty space many adopted people feel.  While many are grateful for someone taking care of them when they couldn’t take care of themselves, they feel a primal need to connect with their family. The suicide rate for adopted children is 4 times the national average. While adopted children fare better that those raised in “Care”, there is still a strong argument against adoption as an option.

Drugging children in “Care” is 100% the responsibility of the doctor prescribing. Young children may not benefit from counselling or psychotherapy to the degree at adults can be helped. It has become too easy for a physician to abuse a child by prescribing drugs never intended for children, and at an unprecedented rate. Doctors get away with it because the child victims are unlikely to sue them. In many cases their parents have no say and judges endorse any action by social workers. But these parents can still report these doctors to Medical Boards, and rarely do. Not knowing your rights allows these child abusers to get away with it.

In a recent blog I gave many reasons why “Care” is dangerous for children, this is just another specific example. In the USA, probably the worst example, as many as 30% of children in “Care” are drugged. It’s important to remember though, that the children will find another way to ease their pain at being separated from their family. The worst time for most “Care” Alumni is when they are dumped on the streets at age 18. Would you dump your child at age 18?

This documentary by 20/20 was made in 2013, nothing substantial has changed since. If anything, this drug epidemic has spread to other countries but other jurisdictions are less forthcoming with this information. In every country, “Care” alumni are all suffering from the same pain, and nobody has come up with good solutions. Maybe the obvious solution is being ignored? Send them home.


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