Watching a video of Glen Beck of Prager University talking about how in Socialist Ideology, your children are not “yours”, they belong to everyone (the State). I can pick several flaws in Mr Becks theories, but as I always say, good Scientific Theory relies on constant attack to either bolster or negate a theory. We should never attack the Theorist, Mr Beck was kind enough to put his theory “out there” for debate, but I see some commenter’s are resorting to ad hominen attacks on the theorist.

I accept his theory that Socialism sees children as being “community property”, but it’s not just Socialists who believe this. Sociology and Eugenics also believe this. Many governments are also starting to take the view that children are State “Property” and making laws accordingly. In 2011 in Ireland we had a “Children’s Referendum” which supposedly gave children a magical set of rights that they didn’t previously possess. They didn’t pull these rights out of thin air, they took these rights away from parents to be able to vindicate for the rights of their children. Most people voted yes to amending Art 42 of the Irish Constitution, many not realising that a countries constitution serves to protect the people from the government. The Irish have a dismal history in referendums, having given away Irish Sovereignty and Autonomy and creating the “United States of Europe”.

I spoke at great length about “Rights” in the book and how we don’t actually benefit from having Civil and Human Rights. When our rights are being abused, the usual suspect is the State itself. In Ireland we took away parents rights to vindicate rights for their children and gave it to the State. They even took away children’s rights to vindicate for themselves. So essentially, when the State abuses a child by denying them a Civil, Human or Constitutional Right, the State will also vindicate those rights against the State. If Human Rights existed, we wouldn’t need Human Rights lawyers and courts.

One of the inaccuracies in Mr Becks theory is that Sweden separates children from their parents in exchange for education, but this is factually incorrect. While this might actually be Swedish Policy, and I don’t honestly know the answer, it is simply not enforced. I would agree with him that Socialists have the utopian view of everyone working together as a society and that “it takes a community to raise a child”, but what’s lacking in his thesis is that this particular ideology has it’s root in Eugenics and Sociology, and probably pre-dates that in other ideologies.

Here’s what Mr Beck is missing:

“Family is an outdated concept with it’s vestiges in our tribal roots”

This is straight out of the Eugenics Manual and later adopted by Social Work. Your children are not “yours”. However what’s missing from this ideology is one important factor;

“Children are not Autonomous Beings and are incapable of making important decisions for themselves”

Someone must feed, clothe, bathe, nurture, educate and make decisions for children, they become more autonomous as they grow, but even in early adulthood they need support. The difference between the “Community” and Parents raising a child, is that the parent makes all decisions out of Love. “Best Interests doesn’t love any child, parents do”.

Thousands of years of Human Evolution designed the most perfect Child Protect System imaginable, the Family. 99.999% of children are very well protected by Parents. Almost any parent would die to save their child, many have. There are not very many examples in history of “Communities” saving, or even raising children with any degree of success. When we look at the “Care” System in most countries we see a failing ideology which harms more children that it helps, albeit with the best intentions and by otherwise good people who only want to help.

Social Work strives to go against Nature and replace it. 50 Years of Social Work is no match for what Nature and Human Evolution has achieved. Of course there are a few bad parents, but there are also bad social workers and bad judges and bad foster “carers”. 50 Years of “Pop Psychology” and “Flavour-of-the-Month” parenting advise and Social Work Intervention, has no proven history of success. Opportunists preying on the fears of parents who want to do the best for their child have caused more damage. There isn’t a single scientific experiment to prove any “Social Experiment”, Social Work has no history of excellence, ever. That is not to say that Sociology has no value, social workers who intervene with clients and have no power to prosecute them, ie; Family Court, can make a huge difference in peoples lives. It is impossible for anyone to have the joint role of Advocate/Prosecutor as the roles are completely incompatible.

I take Mr Becks point that Socialism has no history of success. Many proponents of Socialism claim that it hasn’t been done properly and that’s why it has failed. I would urge some of these people to move to Cuba if they really believe Socialism is some form of utopia. Having visited Havana and many former Soviet Republics I can say not many people who have lived under these dictatorships or still do, millions of people know that Socialism has little value. While the aspirations of Socialism are good and altruistic in most cases, in practice it could not work.

The simple fact is that you cant replace Nature. We have a built-in Child Protection instinct in all of us and most of the time it works. Nature makes us protect people more vulnerable and only narcissists and damaged people go against their human instincts. There are dangerous ideologies in Right Wing and Left Wing politics and anyone straying from Conservatism is a radical. Extremists  hate “Welfare Recipients”. The radicals among us in every ideology whine and wonder why they should have to pay to raise other people’s children or other vulnerable people, not thinking ahead to the day when they could, in fact will, become vulnerable themselves and the people making decisions for them will be the people they paid (or didn’t pay) to raise, support and educate.

By any standard you choose, you really cant beat Nature. Eugenics has never worked and never will because it goes against Nature. The Lebensborn Program has never worked even though it has been tried in many countries, not just Germany.  We need to be on-guard against any ideology that doesn’t support Nature. 

Here is the Prager University video on Facebook, I’m not sure if everyone can access it, I couldn’t find it on YouTube.


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