I refuse to be labelled a “Denier” or “Anti-Vax”

I would love to believe that there is a magic potion that can be given to babies and children to prevent them dying from horrible, preventable diseases, I really would. I would also love to believe that Vaccines are 100% safe and effective. I look forward to the day when the Vaccine Injury Compensation Boards of each country do not need to exist. I wish that courts didn’t have to pay a penny in compensation to child who became injured or died after being vaccinated. I wish that these boards would only pay compensation on the basis that the injury or death is 100% proven to be a direct result of being vaccinated.

These board or courts pay compensation on a very low burden of proof. The standard used is; “On the Balance of Probability”, the cases are not studied and no definitive evidence is needed that the injury or death was a direct result of the vaccine. It is well established that vaccines are not tested to the same scientific standards as other drugs. Rather than doing Double-Blind studies where a Control Group would be given a placebo, they compare one group of vaccinated children with another group who received a different vaccine. Their rationale is that it is unethical not to vaccinate some children. It would be relatively easy to compare children who have not been vaccinated as some parents refuse to vaccinate their child.

The simple fact of the matter is that Science has degenerated into a Religion based on faith and belief. Science used to rely on questions, it was called “Peer Review”. Every scientific theory was open for debate and a theory was either bolstered or defeated by constant attack. “Consensus” used to mean that if more scientists supported a theory than opposed it, then the theory had some scientific validity until disproved. Consensus now means that anyone who asks questions is now
attacking the congregation of ”believers” and must have their reputations burned at the proverbial stake. We only have to look at Global Warming to see how people are calling for “Deniers” to be jailed. We repeatedly hear “Consensus”, as if a scientific theory depended on scientists or a theory cared what others thought. Science exists independent of the scientist, and the consensus, it doesn’t care what anyone thinks, it just exists. Medicine has degenerated into Consensus Politics and any “Denier” will be excommunicated from the religion. If nobody defended Science, the Earth would still be flat and we would not have satellite TV.

Let me be clear that if a wave of disease swept across a country, we would love to believe that there is a safe an effective vaccine available and that we could eradicate such infectious diseases. Yes, believe that vaccines save lives, but I need to see the science before I am reassured that they are safe and effective for everyone. Throughout history there have been many plagues and infections which have wiped out entire populations. Even today there are children who suffer life-threatening conditions such as Meningitis and it is necessary for Physicians to give a cocktail of antibiotics and take educated guesses to save the life of a child, and with all our science and equipment, children still die.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could prevent these preventable deaths? I’m sure there are a few people who are opposed to vaccination at any cost, but most people are reasonable and educated enough to know that vaccines are an absolute necessity. For most people, they would be happy if governments admitted that a small percentage of babies and children will become injured or die. Instead, we are fed a dogma that vaccines are 100% safe and effective and that no child has ever died or become injured by a vaccine, and still pay out billions in compensation. The strange thing is though that many people who question vaccines are parents of children who were injured or died. The current controversy over Gardasil comes from parents who strongly believed that their daughters would receive a safe and effective vaccine, now they are seen as “Anti-Vax” and “Deniers” even though they had their daughters vaccinated. I cannot say beyond all doubt that Gardasil is safe or dangerous to some children, there is no real scientific evidence either way. Because authorities will not study the girls who now display neurologic symptoms, nobody can say with any scientific validity that the vaccine was responsible.
Equally, nobody can say for sure that the vaccine is safe, and yet, this is what the authorities are saying. This is intellectual dishonesty and is not how Science works. Even if a tiny percentage of children will suffer adverse events, the cost is far too high, if we can make vaccines safer why wouldn’t be trying to prevent every death or injury?

I have to ask; what possible objection could anyone have to study these girls injuries? Could we not study girls before and after the vaccine to ensure the vaccine is 100% safe? Could we not pay out billions in compensation if the vaccine was not at fault? Could we not study vaccines to the same standard as other drugs to eliminate all doubt in everyone’s mind? What possible objection could anyone have to 100% safe and effective vaccines? Anyone who labels people “Deniers” or “Anti-Vax” is a danger to society. Let’s study vaccines properly and eliminate all doubt. Alternatively we could just be honest and admit that some children will suffer debilitating injuries or could die as a direct result of being vaccinated, or not being vaccinated. The current climate of denying everything is costing lives.