Please listen to a child being abused by social workers.

I offer this recording without comment on the specific case.

This is a scene that plays out every day at “Contact” sessions between parents and children. I want you to understand the dynamics of what happens when a child is in State “Care”.  This happens in every country where children are in “Care”. I hope this recording will give you some insight into why I do what I do.

Children usually show up at contact happy to see their parents. By the end of contact the children are crying. Each child says the same thing;

I want to go home. 

In the mind of the child, they believe that the parent has a right to choose where the child lives. They don’t understand why their mother or father doesn’t come to the foster home and pick them up. They feel rejected. They feel that they are bad, that they did something wrong and this is why their parent doesn’t want them living with them. It’s virtually impossible for the child to rationalise what is happening to them other than in terms of that they are bad and did something wrong, that they cant live with the parents.

Obviously “Contact” is deeply traumatising to children in “Care”. It’s like handing a baby a wonderful toy and then taking it away. It’s no wonder these children suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at twice the rate of troops returning from war zones, and at a severity 4 times more severe.

The social workers will justify this torture of children in terms that it’s not their decision, the Judge is the person responsible, but it would be exceedingly rare that a judge would go against the whims of social services. Bear in mind also that it was Social Services who took the case to the judge to prosecute in the first instance. The judges will tell you that they must go along with the “Experts”, as Social Services are there to “help” the child.

What typically happens next with contact is that Social Services decide that contact is too traumatising to the children, and they start cutting the frequency of contact until there is no contact. They will then have successfully have alienated the child from their parents and keep them until age 18 when they will be dumped on the streets. No matter what the parent does at contact, social workers will find a way to use it against the parent in court. They will say that on entering the room, the child shied away from the father as if they were afraid of them. I know of a case where a father took a mango to contact along with a potato peeler and a spoon for the child to eat, and in court the peeler became a knife which frightened the supervising staff.

As much as I would like to, I cant go into any specifics of this case. I have no doubt that when social services find this recording they will apply for a court order to have it removed. It doesn’t identify any child. The recording itself is in compliance with the law. Some people will no doubt have issues with the recording being played. The recording is very much a Crime Scene, a child is being tortured. Some will want this removed but I believe the Public’s right to know far outweights the States right to prevent the public from witnessing a child being tortured.

In the vast majority of these cases, the children find themselves in “Care” even though their parents are not accused of any crime or incapacity to care for and love their child. Most children are removed on the basis of “Risk of Future Emotional Abuse”, but if this recording doesn’t demonstrate actual abuse of children then I don’t know what does. I wish that the judge involved in this case was forced to attend a contact session. I wish that someone would play this on national or international television and radio. I wish that everyone reading this shared the recording for everyone to hear. I wish that everyone would listen to this child and that their wish to go home was fulfilled.

When are we going to start listening to these children?


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