In the absence of another explanation, we will keep your child in “Care”……

Can you imagine sentencing a man to death on the basis of;

  • The man can’t explain how the victim died
  • The man is not an Expert in the field of the subject he is accused of
  • The man offered an explanation but the prosecution sought witnesses who would disagree withe the defense expert witnesses
  • The experts on both sides examined the same material but came to different conclusions
  • One expert for the prosecution has a history of previously perjuring themselves and was responsible for miscarriages of justice where innocent people were convicted and later proved innocent
  • Where the entire case of the prosecution rests on nothing more that hearsay and circumstantial evidence?
  • I could go on and on with this list

Actually I know of a case where a man is on death row for a “crime” which Science has proven quite impossible and has offered a very plausible explanation which is supported by science. At the present time a judge is deciding if he deserves a new trial, despite all the controversy surrounding his case. His case is here at this link.

In normal circumstances, if you don’t have corrupt prosecutors and inept scientists, these cases would rarely happen given the scrutiny in a Criminal Court, but let’s be honest, they do happen, a lot. When you are up against the State, you might be up against 60 people working to prove you guilty and may only have a Public Defender on your side. A lawyer with little time and little resources, but occasionally they succeed. Justice is supposed to be predicated on the belief that 10 men should go free before 1 innocent man is convicted. Obviously that doesn’t happen.

Compare all this with Family Court.

  • Hearsay may be the only evidence used to take your children away
  • You are not entitled to full disclosure and may not see the evidence against you
  • You are guilty until you prove yourself innocent but will not be given the opportunity
  • The “Burden of Proof” is so low that you could lose your children forever on nothing more than suspicion, hearsay, or “evidence” that would not be allowed in an open court.
  • You will be gagged, twice. Once by the court under threat of prison if you say “anything to anybody”, and again by social services who will use your child as weapon against you and deny you access until you cooperate

I am reading an appeal at this minute which social services have based their case on nothing more than “in the absence of another explanation”. I have seen many of these cases before. In all the cases I have seen, Police investigated and no crime or evidence sufficient to prosecute, and still, the parents were punished with the removal of their children. Under the Human Rights Act, it states; “There shall be no Punishment without crime”, a colleague of mine Ian Josephs has been pointing this out since the 1960’s since he first took an interest in the topic of Child “Protection”.

Parents should be alarmed that on the whim of someone working for government, that you could lose your child forever. People could arrive at your home tomorrow and dictate to you how you should live and raise your child. Of course every case of child abuse or neglect must be investigated, but social workers are not trained in investigation and in fact don’t even do investigations, they do “Assessments”. If an inept or corrupt social worker has decided you will lose your child, there is  little you can do to prevent it. The normal rules of Justice and Law don’t apply.

This is not to say that CPS cannot be beaten, my colleagues have done it many times, unfortunately we cant discuss any case, but we can educate you.

I wrote a chapter in the book entitled “How’s that working for you Phil?” in which I mentioned TV Psychologist Dr Phil McGraw. Phil said he would rather see 1,000 children taken if it saves one child. This is the prevailing belief with Child “Protection”, not just Phils opinion. I mean no disrespect Phil, but taking 1,000 children is Child Abuse, however I don’t doubt your sincerity. Abusing 999 children and subjecting them to a horrendous experience will no doubt cause many of them to suffer PTSD. Many of these children will never return home even though their parents have done no wrong. The child and the parents will be left brutalized by their experience. Those children who don’t return home will be dumped on the street on their 18th birthday. Taking 1,000 children to find the 1 abused child also makes the system 999 times more expensive than it needs to be.

In the absence of another explanation Phil, how’s that workin for ya?


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