Persecution Strategies of Social Workers

In Sweden, where Family Courts are not secret, where parents are not gagged, a Social Worker wrote an excellent paper on the topic of how parents are persecuted by social workers. When it was written, it was widely circulated by victims of Child Protective Services (CPS), but didn’t create many shock waves in the Social “Care” Industry itself. The 106 page report can be read or downloaded here by clicking this link. 

In my own experience and that of my colleagues, I see an insane pattern in cases that repeats and repeats;

  • Take the child from the parents
  • Lie, cheat and steal, exaggerate, perjure yourself, distort facts to make them more damning against the parent
  • Tell the child the parents are bad people
  • Alienate the child from their parents and siblings over a period of time
  • Lie to the Foster “Carer” and tell them the child was horribly abused to get them on your side. If they ask why aren’t the parents in jail for child abuse and neglect, move all children from that home
  • Tell the children their parents don’t love them, initiate Stockholm Syndrome in the child so that they feel helpless and make them dependent on you. Tell them they are never going “home”, this is your new home
  • Avoid reporting any crimes by the parents or foster “carers”, to Police. Once a crime is being investigated, social workers lose all control of the case and cannot coach the child or manipulate the parents
  • Delay, delay and delay. Keep the child in “Care” as long as possible. Demand reports from experts who are on your side and will write damning reports to keep the children. Stall for time as much as possible to alienate the child from their parents
  • Cut Contact and Visitation with the parents as much as possible over time. Call the parents a few hours before contact to tell them that contact is cancelled because your Social “Care” driver or supervisor is not available. Tell them the child has a routine doctor or dentist visit. Every moment the child spends with the parents reinforces the love between the family, your goal is to break up the family
  • When sufficient time has passed, tell the judge that the children are happy in their new home and removing them from “Care” would cause further harm to separate them now
  • Once you have successfully alienated the child, it is time to remove the parents rights, a Full Care Order or Forced Adoption is in order.

A colleague of mine has just written a book for parents which is basically a “How to get your children back manual”. It will be very interesting reading given some of the cases he and his partner have been involved in. I hope Darren will write a guest blog for us and when the book comes out we will help promote it.

Most people believe that Child Protection is working, this is the public perception. It is only when social workers show up at your door that most people will realize that everything they previously believed about Law and Justice no longer applies. When they arrive, you realize you are way out of your depth and your previously held belief that you were living in a reasonably free and democratic society has dissipated in the space of a few minutes. Make no mistake, you are in an “Alternate Universe” and you are in for the fight of your life. Most people who fall afoul of the system are left damaged, broke and broken by the process.

To understand what you are up against would take many months of study just to get your head around this. This is why I wrote the Secret Courts book, so that people who are unaware of how the system operates know most of their rights and obligations and how to deal with these cases. I hope Darrens book is widely read so people are prepared before-hand. To read the article I shared above would take hours to understand. I’m told that my book takes days to read.

I didn’t write the book to “preach to the converted”, victims of CPS have a very good handle on their situation, but most if not all will tell you they wish they knew what they were up against beforehand. My book and others on the topic are not “romance novels”, they are not easy reading and many will avoid frightening themselves. The people who really need to read this type of book is legislators, judges and lawyers. I have made it clear in the book that above all, I would hold judges, especially in the lower courts, responsible for their actions which harm children. If you don’t want to read the book, please donate it to a library or give it to a judge. Change begins with Understanding, fore-warned is fore-armed.


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